breast augmentation results

Getting the best from your breast augmentation

Once you have chosen to have breast augmentation surgery there are some handy hints and tips that would be sensible to follow, to ensure that your results last as long as possible. Your surgeon will discuss best practice with you during the run up to your operation and in the days afterwards, but this checklist will help manage expectations about what you should be doing to look after your new breasts.

Best breast augmentation results: do your research

Firstly, start with selecting a good surgeon. Your breast augmentation will only ever be as good as the skill of your chosen surgeon, so take your time researching your cosmetic surgeon to ensure you select someone whose style of work you favour and who is a regulated professional. Look for members of professional medical bodies such as the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) as they ensure their members have all the necessary qualifications and also perform annual safety audits.

Best breast augmentation results: make suitable choices for your size and frame

It is always advisable to talk at length with your breast augmentation surgeon about what you want from the end results and how different this is from your natural look. Your surgeon will need a clear idea of what you are hoping to achieve in order to create a finished look this is satisfactory. Setting realistic expectations upfront is important as it will ensure you know what you are going to look like afterwards.

Best breast augmentation results: follow post-operative advice

You will be given advice on how to help the healing process, including what you put (or not put) on the scars as they are healing. Following this advice is important as it helps minimise how visible scars are once they are fully healed.

Similarly, trust your breast augmentation surgeon when they give you advice on how soon to exercise after your operation – they know best and will guide accordingly. If you push yourself too far too soon then you could risk damaging your new breasts and affecting how quickly you can heal. When recovering from any operation it is important to be patient – you’ll get there, some quicker than others though so don’t hold yourself to a strict healing timeline, just let your body recover at its own pace.