upper facelift

What’s the difference between an upper facelift, mid-facelift and lower facelift?

Many people are unaware just how many different cosmetic procedures are available to help reverse the signs of facial ageing or to reshape and enhance facial features, and the humble facelift is no exception to this. The facelift is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach, it is carefully tailored to target the areas you are most concerned about and the look you wish to achieve. There are actually three different areas of the face that can be tackled with facelift procedures, and here we look at the differences between these.

Upper facelift

This type of lift is designed to tackle the area above the eyes. This can include an eyebrow lift which smooths out wrinkled, sagging skin above the eyes, a blepharoplasty – or eyelid lift – which removes excess skin from the eyelids themselves and gives the eyes a fuller appearance again, and also sometimes treatment of dark circles underneath the eyes.


This is designed to cover the region from the edge of your eyes down to the edge of your mouth and everything in between. This will include areas such as the cheeks, nose and sometimes directly underneath the eyes. Surgeons operating in this region can make incisions to enable the skin to be tightened around the nose and the cheeks, giving a smoother, firmer appearance.

Lower facelift

Finally, a lower lift focuses attention on everything south of your smile. This can include the lines around your mouth and towards your jaw – many people will also consider having some work done to their neck as well. This often is used to reshape the bottom area of the face, with many patients opting to have excess, sagging skin removed to streamline their jawline.

As with most things in life, the more research you do, the more informed you will be and the greater the likelihood that you will make the right choice for you. Once you have researched the type of facelift you believe is right for you, book a consultation with a plastic surgeon to talk through everything thoroughly so you can discuss your choices with an expert. The beauty of this kind of work is that it is completely bespoke, and if you have issues which concern different areas of the face, then the work you can have done will be perfectly tailored to address these individual issues.

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