planning for a boob job

Things to consider before a boob job

Choosing to have cosmetic surgery is a big decision, both emotionally and financially, so making sure you are prepared as possible before you begin your journey is highly recommended. Here are a few helpful tips to help get you prepared for a breast augmentation before making that all-important decision.

Do plenty of research before you commit to anything

You really can’t underestimate the value in putting in a significant number of research hours. Reading around the procedure(s) that you are considering, looking at before and after photos, reading reviews of different surgeons, reading around what to expect from the recovery period – there is a wealth of information out there which will help you feel more prepared ahead of booking to discuss your wishes with a surgeon.

RealSelf, the leading cosmetic surgery review site, recently released its list of most researched cosmetic procedures of 2019 and it’s no surprise that breast augmentation topped the list of surgical procedures.

So, research is essential, but always keep an open mind before you go for a consultation with your plastic surgeon.

Planning for a boob job: One size doesn’t fit all

Not only it is not just one size, but there are a number of different breast procedures that are available to women. Enlargements, reductions, reshaping, uplifting – different procedures will be right for different women, and sometimes a combination is required for the look that you hoping to achieve.

If a breast augmentation is the most appropriate procedure, then implant size and the cup size you will be after surgery is the next consideration. Cosmetic breast specialist Mr Alan Park will take into account your anatomy, the size of your frame, your existing breast tissue and expectations from surgery and then advise you on which implant size will be best suited to you.

Planning for a boob job: Make the decision for you and only you

If you are feeling at all pressured to make changes to your body, then this is not likely to be the right route for you. Only give genuine consideration to surgery if it is something that you want. Equally, if you are hearing concerns from friends or family, don’t let someone else put you off if it is something that is important to you.

Planning for a boob job: Make sure you give due consideration to choosing a breast augmentation surgeon

There is a wide choice of practitioners out there so make sure you choose one who is registered with all the correct professional bodies. In the UK, all surgeons are required to be registered with the General Medical Council (GMC) and may well also be members of membership bodies such as the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) or the British Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS).

Once you feel mentally prepared it’s time to pick up the phone and book a consultation, this will be your first chance to meet your surgeon, talk to them and their team and to begin exploring in more depth what will be the best approach for you. Call 01926 436341 to book a consultation at Mr Alan Park’s Warwickshire cosmetic surgery clinic.