tummy tuck results

How long can I expect my tummy tuck results to last?

One of the most frequently asked questions that we are asked about tummy tucks is how long the results are expected to last. This is the burning question on the tip of everyone’s tongue – will the investment now be worth it in the long run or will the results deteriorate over time?

The answer is two-fold. The surgery itself is one element but how you look after yourself and your body is another.

We will start by exploring the surgery and the good news is that the tummy tuck results should be long-lasting – it is intended to be a permanent fix. It is designed to give a firmer, smoother midriff and the operation involves making an incision and removing excess folds of skin. Stomach muscles are then repaired and tightened using internal sutures. The operation is sometimes coupled with liposuction which is designed to remove troublesome areas of fat that just cannot be shifted via other means.

So, then it is over to you.

Problem of weight gain

It is important to understand that weight gain will negatively impact on the results of a tummy tuck. Gaining a significant amount of weight following this type of operation will certainly affect its longevity. Significant weight gain can cause the existing fat cells in both the treated area and other areas to expand and it can even result in the body producing new fat cells in these areas.

The remaining skin can also become stretched again. With this in mind, it is also highly recommended that you finish your family before having surgery like this, as pregnancy will also undo the good work done to the stomach muscles and the excess skin.

And what about weight loss?

Losing weight presents lesser challenges, but significant weight loss can also affect how your abdomen looks after a tummy tuck. Your skin’s natural elasticity can cope with a small amount of weight loss but if you lose a lot then this will likely result in sagging skin.

The best approach you can take to maintain your tummy tuck results is to eat a balanced, nutrient-rich diet, exercise regularly and try not to smoke. Maintaining a stable weight is the best way of keeping the results looking as they were intended to.