breast asymmetry correction

How is breast asymmetry treated?

Breast asymmetry is a condition whereby the breasts are unequal in size or shape. It is surprisingly common, with around half of women having somewhat uneven breasts, although as with everything, some cases are more marked than others.

Breast asymmetry can relate (most commonly) to the volume of breast tissue or sometimes the position of the nipple and is sometimes attributable to underdevelopment in one of the breasts. For women who have asymmetric breasts, many report feeling self-conscious about their breasts and that it affects their body confidence.

What does a breast asymmetry correction entail?

There are non-surgical options which can be explored first, and these include wearing a specially fitted padded bra with either foam or gel inserts. This will improve the symmetrical look of the breasts while clothed, but will not help address the issue behind closed doors.

Going down the surgical route

Despite these options, many women with significant differences in the size of their breasts opt for surgical intervention to help balance the shape and size of their chest. There are surgical options that can be explored for women who are concerned with breast asymmetry, assuming that they are over the age of 18 and are not still undergoing the changes associated with puberty.

Depending on the size of your breasts, some women will choose a breast augmentation, whereby an implant is inserted into the chest cavity to enlarge the smaller of the breasts. Other women may choose to undergo a breast reduction on the larger of the two. Either way, these options can both dramatically improve the symmetry of uneven breasts.

In order to agree on the best options moving forward, the patient’s individual concerns, worries and motivations will be explored at the consultation. Often patients have a fairly clear idea of what they want and how they wish to achieve it, but talking things through with a cosmetic surgeon will help clarify and illustrate the different options available and which is likely to be the most suitable route for them.

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