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Can fat removed by liposuction come back?

The new year is often a time for making new year’s resolutions, many of them body-related after the excesses of the festive season. Liposuction is a very effective means of removing challenging fatty deposits from under the skin and creating a leaner, smoother appearance to the treated area. It can be a very good way to target the look of specific problem areas, but Warwickshire cosmetic surgeon Mr Alan Park is keen to stress that it is not a weight-loss technique.

The results are fast and long-lasting – if you make the right lifestyle choices following the procedure then the results can be permanent. However, you cannot just rest on your laurels once you have had it done. It will take a sensible approach to diet and exercise to maintain the results afterwards.

What happens when you have liposuction?

Essentially, the process involves removing fat cells from under the skin. They are isolated, targeted and removed, so once the procedure is complete, those fat cells with no longer exist. Surgeons use an instrument called a cannula (like a surgical straw) to suck the unwanted fat cells out of the body and they are then discarded. What the procedure can’t do is mitigate against the risk of fat cells building up elsewhere as a result of lifestyle choices.

A common misconception with liposuction is that the fat can come back. The fat cells that have been removed can’t come back, but not all fatty tissue is removed and the remaining fat cells can expand, or other areas will increase in size.

What can happen after the procedure?

Fat can most definitely return to other areas of the body, so this is not a free pass to eat and live exactly how you may want. You will need to make sensible choices about calorie intake and exercise to ensure the longevity of the results. In summary, while liposuction can be a great tool to achieve the body that you want, it is still important to live an active and healthy lifestyle afterwards.

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