tubular breasts

Tubular breasts and how to treat them

There are many different reasons why some women may not be entirely confident with the look, feel, shape or mass of their breasts, and one of the less well-known complaints is a condition called tubular breasts. This is where breasts are not the traditional rounded/oval shape but are long and tubular.

They may resemble a thin cone, with restricted skin around the base and also a large, prominent nipple and areola. The reason this occurs isn’t really known but it can affect both sexes and is thought to be linked to a genetic link in a disorder of collagen deposition.

Tubular breasts can occur during puberty and, as such, this is a problem that often affects younger women. Because this often occurs when the breasts are developing it can cause the growth of one or both of the breasts to be affected. The resulting tissue damage may cause the breast(s) to look small, saggy and often uneven. These factors can cause self-confidence issues for women who have this problem.

What can be done to help?

The good news is that cosmetic surgeons who specialise in breast work can help treat tubular breasts. There are different techniques that can be explored, depending on your condition and your own preferences, all of which can help address the issue.

Firstly, the breasts will need to be assessed to establish how severe the constriction of the breast tissue. Using a pre-determined medical evaluation scale, surgeons can ascertain whether the condition is ‘minor’, ‘moderate’ or ‘severe’, and treatment can be advised accordingly once this is known.

If the breasts are uneven as a result of this, then there are two probable routes to fixing this. One option is that a tissue expander is inserted into the most affected breast (or both if needs be) and this can help. This helps encourage the skin and muscles to expand and help balance out the look and feel of the breasts. This usually takes a few months to work effectively.

The other option is to insert implants into the smaller breast, or both, depending on the scale of the issue. Implants can help balance out uneven breasts and can also add mass to breasts which patients regard as being too small. It is believed that around 5% of those who seek breast augmentation treatment do so because of this condition.

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