facelift technique for bald men

Facelift technique suitable for bald men

There has been a real trend towards men embracing the bald/shaven-headed look. Gone are the days of men trying to disguise the fact that their hair was thinning and the word combover has now thankfully been retired to the archives. This bolder, balder look has led to a new challenge for cosmetic surgeons. When men choose to have a facelift, often the scars are subtly concealed within the hairline. If there is no hairline then surgeons have been having to think more creatively about how to address this. A new study has confirmed that one facelift technique may well have the answer.

Typically, when a facelift is performed surgeons will make incisions around the temple. However, with as many as two-thirds of men experiencing some degree of hair loss in their 30s, by the time men are considering a facelift their options for hiding the incision scars are reducing.

Addressing new challenges

This particular facelift technique doesn’t involve a single, linear scar, it tracks a path around the front of the ear which makes it much more discrete. Experts explain that this facelift technique is still very effective, and “although somewhat shorter than the conventional incision, it still allows access to the deeper tissue layers for an effective, long-lasting facelift”.

Researchers at the University of Rome Tor Vergata have conducted an assessment of just under 70 bald men (with an average age of 55 years) who had a facelift using this new technique. The results have been extremely positive, with both patients and medical experts impressed with the efficacy of the facelift and the extent to which scarring is visible once the incisions have healed. Results indicate that “at least one year after surgery, the men completed a questionnaire assessing their perceived results and satisfaction. The study also included an evaluation of before-and-after photographs by a three-member jury. Both assessments focused on the appearance, quality and extent of scars”.

Researchers are excited by the findings of the research, commenting “our proposed approach has proven to be reliably effective in obtaining virtually invisible scars and helps to meet the challenges of face-lifting in men who are bald”.

Keeping up with demand

Innovations like this are great news for the cosmetic surgery industry, who are working hard to keep up with the growing demand from men (and women) for cosmetic surgical techniques to help them look and feel younger and more confident in their looks. According to Forbes, a massive 1.3 million men in the US elected to have some form of cosmetic surgery in 2017, and this trend is showing no signs of slowing down.

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