mummy makeover

What will happen if I choose to have a tummy tuck combined with a breast lift?

We have discussed the feasibility of having a tummy tuck and a breast lift at the same time, and for some patients, this is a great way of maximising the time required to recover from a surgical procedure and it gets everything done in one go. So, if you decide that this combination sounds right for you and you have been assessed for medical suitability, then the next step will be discussing what will happen and getting you prepared for surgery. Here we give a summary of what to expect from the two procedures.

This surgery is often nicknamed the ‘mummy makeover’ as it is very popular with women who have been through either a single or multiple pregnancies and are feeling that the weight gain that naturally comes with that process has left them feeling rather different from their pre-pregnancy look. The two operations can usually be carried out in a four- to six-hour window, which means that they couple up well.

Let’s start with the tummy tuck…

The tummy tuck element is the most significant of this pairing. Typically, patients should expect to take it really easy for the first few days following surgery, and even if they are up and walking around quickly, they must not push themselves too quickly or it can hold back their recovery.

Usually, patients will need around two weeks off work before they are recovered enough to begin working again. This obviously depends on the nature of the job, but this is a good rule of thumb for patients who do not work in an environment which will put them under physical pressure. If you can remain more sedentary for the first few weeks this will certainly be beneficial for the healing process, and if this is not practical for you then at least try and avoid any work that leaves you with additional aches and pains afterwards.

And add a breast lift into the mix…

A breast lift complements a tummy tuck very well as it is one of the least painful surgical procedures for the breasts, so healing from this will be relatively simple and will allow you to focus more on recovering from the abdominal surgery. Some patients may even consider adding breast implants at this stage too, as a further extended approach to the ‘mummy makeover’.

Another good reason for combining these two (or three) procedures is that it will only mean one period of time off work while you are recovering, which is often much easier to manage. The support you need (from medical practitioners, friends, family or other caregivers) while recovering will also only need to be drafted in once.