breast asymmetry correction

How is breast asymmetry corrected?

Breast asymmetry is where your breasts are not the same size or shape and appear unbalanced. It is quite common and does not necessarily need medical intervention, but when the breasts are very different in size this can lead to self-confidence issues, emotional stress and anxiety, especially as the differences sometimes occur in puberty when the breasts are forming and it is a time of emotional and physical development.

There are a number of surgical procedures that can help address breast asymmetry, and these include:

  • Reducing the size of the largest breast
  • Reducing the size of the nipples or areolae
  • Increasing the size of the smallest breast with breast implants or fat grafting
  • Increasing the size of both breasts proportionally
  • Breast uplift – this can be done for one or both of your breasts

Quite often, women may opt for a combination approach which includes a number of these options.

It is entirely up to the individual whether they choose to enlarge the smaller breast or reduce the size of the larger breast. These discussions will be held with your surgeon at initial consultation before you progress with your corrective journey.

In some cases, when the feel (rather than the size) of the breasts has changed all of a sudden, your doctor may advise further investigation to understand more about what has caused the change. This can often be hormonal, but to rule out something more serious you may be recommended for a mammogram.

The important thing to remember is that no matter which option(s) you choose; you need to ensure you have realistic expectations. These procedures will most certainly improve the symmetry of your breasts, but no procedure will make your breasts 100% identical.

Once you have undergone your chosen surgery, or surgeries, you will no doubt be left feeling more confident about the proportions of your breasts. Many women report that clothes fit much better and they are able to buy underwear that they do not have to artificially fill on one side. As a result, their body confidence overall is often very positively affected.

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