revision cosmetic surgery

Is it possible to correct botched cosmetic surgery?

Botched cosmetic surgery is something that is something that everyone hopes to avoid and everyone is naturally cautious about. Although there are steps you can take to ensure you are putting yourself in safe hands, even the most skilled surgeon can find that the work they have done doesn’t quite match up to their patient’s expectations. That said, the most common occurrences of patients feeling they have received ‘botched’ cosmetic surgery is where they have been tempted by cheaper alternatives to what is offered in fully regulated clinics in the UK.

First step if you’re not happy with your cosmetic surgery results

If you feel that your cosmetic surgery hasn’t quite given you the look you were expecting, the first thing you should do is contact your surgeon to talk things through. This is the best avenue to try and work out a plan to try and fix the issues you are concerned with.

It is also important to allow time to heal before jumping to conclusions is that many procedures take time to heal properly, and if you have not allowed your body to heal fully then there is a chance you may not be evaluating the finished results. Swelling, scarring and settling all take time and cannot be rushed, so it is worth being patient for the required amount of time following your surgery.

If conversations with your original surgeon don’t pan out quite as you hoped then it worth getting a second option from another surgeon to understand whether or not corrective surgery is required – or possible. It may be that you have to wait for a while before your body is ready for more surgery, or it may be that a different surgeon feels that what you are looking to achieve is not possible.

Understanding limitations of revision cosmetic surgery

Another thing to be aware of is that not all surgeons will accept work to correct another surgeon’s mistakes. Revision cosmetic surgery, as it’s known, can be challenging for a number of reasons. Firstly, patients who are requiring revision surgery are often feeling rather emotional; their levels of anxiety about undergoing further treatment can be high. Not only that, the presence of scar tissue makes the work – and the ability to heal effectively – more difficult.

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