Inverted nipple correction questions answered

Around one in ten of the UK female population has a concern with their nipples that requires surgical correction – it is more common than you might think. It is typically one of three things that leads people to feel that they need to seek guidance from a surgeon:

  1. Inverted nipples – where instead of pointing outwards, the nipple points inwards
  2. Enlarged nipples – bigger than expected nipples
  3. Large areola – the area of lighter coloured skin which surrounds the nipple

Each of these issues can be addressed by a cosmetic surgeon and if you’re considering corrective surgery for one of these conditions then you have probably got a lot of questions, some of which we will aim to address below.

Q: When will I be able to wear a proper bra again after nipple correction surgery?

A: Typically, you should expect to have to wear a special compression bra for around six weeks after surgery. This type of bra offers special support and helps the breasts heal. You will need your surgeon to assess how well you’re healing before swapping a compression bra for a normal bra.

Q: Does nipple correction surgeon affect my chances of breastfeeding in the future?

A: This depends on the nature of the breast surgery you have. All nipple correction surgery tries to preserve the milk ducks as best as possible, but there are no guarantees and the success rate varies from person to person. Some people go on to breastfeed successfully afterwards whereas others find their milk supply is affected.  Ideally, wait until you have finished your family plans before you have nipple correction surgery if breastfeeding is something you wish to do.

Q: How does nipple correction surgery affect my sleeping positions?

A: While you are healing from surgery your breasts will be sore and swollen. You will find it most comfortable to sleep on your back rather than your side or front. This will be temporary, through the healing process, and if you’re a front sleeper then you will be able to return to this once you are properly healed.

Q: Can I expose my breasts to sunlight once I have had the operation?

A: It is recommended that topless sunbathing is avoided for around a year after the procedure as UV rays can affect the visibility of scars. After the first year, scars will have formed and settled which means they are less susceptible to darkening in the sun, however, it is still advised to apply high factor suncream.

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