Skin Lesions

A full range of plastic surgery is offered to a high standard for both benign moles and cysts and the different types of skin cancer.

Moles and cysts

There are a range of skin lesions that cause either cosmetic concern or become troublesome to patients. These are often requested to be removed and can be easily performed under local anaesthetic.

The common mole can be treated by either direct excision or by shave excision. Direct excision will leave a straight scar approximately 2-3 times the width of the mole. Although reddened for a few weeks these tend to heal extremely well over time. By contrast shave excision is literally cutting the mole flush with the skin and allowing it to heal. This avoids the longer scar but does have a small chance of the mole recurring. The best option will be discussed.

Other common problems are simple skin tags, sebaceous cysts (blocked pores) and lipomas. Tags can be shaved off but the cysts and lipomas need the skin opening to remove both the cysts and the blocked pore.

There are a number of other benign less common conditions which can be treated in a similar fashion.

All these operations carry few risks. There is a small chance of bleeding, infection and recurrence of the problem.

Skin Cancers

Skin cancers have become a lot more common over the last two decades. The most common is the Basal Cell Carcinoma (often known as a Rodent Ulcer). Although a form of skin cancer, they will not spread around the body. However, it is important to treat them as early as possible when they are small. Surgery is the best first line treatment. If small, this will usually be by direct excision but occasionally need more complex surgery e.g. skin grafts or skin flaps.

Other skin cancers include Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Melanoma. These cancers do have the potential to spread and it is very important to treat at an early stage. Melanoma is usually pigmented and often has an irregular edge, differing colours within it and may itch.

Any moles or patches of skin which change size, shape or colour must be checked by either your G.P., Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon.

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