Tiny nipples set to be the Breast Surgery trend of 2017

    Tiny nipples set to be the Breast Surgery trend of 2017?

A recent study conducted by a group of plastic surgeons asked 131 participants to rate the attractiveness of various sized nipples.
It found that nipples that occupied 25 to 30 percent of the breast were rated the highest.

While, those larger than 50 percent of the breast were deemed too large by the majority of study participants.
The study concluded that patients with smaller sized nipples rated high in attractiveness than those with larger nipples.

Breast Surgery has for many years been the most common plastic and cosmetic surgery procedure available, the term breast surgery encompasses a number of procedures including Breast Augmentation (Boob Job), Breast Reduction, Mastopexy (Breast Uplift) and Nipple Correction.Breast Surgery can be requested for several reasons including: Breast Malformity, The result of weight gain or loss, Following childbirth or breastfeeding or for Oncoplastic reasons.

This recent trend is seeing many patients request that their nipples be reduced to that of the size of the popular confectionary item, smarties. Of course trends are called trends for a reason in that what maybe popular right now may not be in several years time and so it is important to refrain from acting impulsively in such circumstances.

Nipple Correction has been a popular procedure for many years, it has been used traditionally to treat patients who are concerned about enlarged or inverted nipples or to reduce the size of the areola (the brownish coloured area around the nipple) and is commonly carried out along with a Breast Augmentation procedure.

Nipple Correction alone is a minor procedure although it is commonly carried out in conjunction with a Breast Augmentation (Breast Enlargement)and can help to restore confidence and body image by correcting the appearance of the nipple and breast.

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The National Breast Register launches

There weren’t many people that didn’t hear about the much publicised PIP Breast Implant scandal back in 2010. Thousands of women were affected although to what extent became difficult to judge due to record keeping at that time. Although not directly affected as I have never used the implants in question, I saw and still see patients whose original providers are no longer in business but want the implants removing for peace of mind more than anything else. I see the launch of the National Breast Register as another welcome step towards the safeguarding and protection of our patients and would urge patients to confirm that their provider is registered in the scheme prior to surgery.

The register will be managed by the NHS to begin with and will initially be used for the collation of breast implant information although it is expected to be rolled out across all cosmetic implants over time including Calf and Buttock Implants.

I use Nagor implants for Breast Augmentation, all of Nagor’s products are manufactured in facilities compliant with the ISO 13485 standards and requirements demanded for class III sterile breast implant medical devices and in accordance with ISO and EN requirements and have CE mark certification. Nagor`s silicone breast implants are manufactured with high-performance silicone elastomer layers to improve and enhance the integrity of the outer shell, as well as a completely unique 360 degree barrier layer to minimise the possibility of gel diffusion and to maintain the shape of the implant. Their ranges have over 270 different options designed to find a perfect shape, size and lift for patients.

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Increase in Brits opting for Cosmetic Surgery ahead of their holidays

The schools are out and the holiday season has finally begun for many with thousands of Brits flying out to catch some summer sun over the next couple of months.

There is no better feeling than downing tools and switching the out of office on but whilst the idea of relaxing by a pool and sipping a cold beer or cocktail can’t come soon enough, for some people it is also a reminder to get beach ready and so the countdown begins to get in shape. Every persons’ idea of getting in shape is different, whether it’s losing a couple of stone, just a few pounds or toning up, the end goal is to feel confident in a bathing suit or shorts.

This article rings very true for me, I too have seen an increase in patients enquiring about body procedures specifically preparing for summer holidays, from Breast Surgery (Breast Enlargement, Breast Reduction, Mastopexy) to Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) Liposuction , patients just want to feel body confident on the beach or by the pool.

I often hear the same complaint from many patients enquiring about body procedures, “it doesn’t matter what diet I choose or how much exercise I do, I just can’t shift it’ and so for many people no matter how many sit ups, squats or miles they run there are always going to be those stubborn areas that are tricky to get rid of. Those stubborn areas could be the result of weight loss, pregnancy, child birth, breast feeding or even just the natural make up of the body. My role as a surgeon is to listen to the concern, discuss the expectation and find the right option for each and every individual patient.

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The top 5 things male patients ask at consultation

In 2015 it was reported by BAAPS that over 51,000 cosmetic procedures were carried out, a 13 % increase compared to the previous year. Of those over 4,100 were carried out on men, almost twice the number compared to a decade ago.

One US Plastic Surgeon has reported the 5 most popular things males ask for when visiting his clinic, which I think apply in most practices, here’s my opinion.


I would agree with this in both male and female surgery, patients are always looking for a treatment that affects their day to day routine as little as possible, from the procedure itself to the speed of recovery.

 ‘A banging Body’

Whilst ladies tend to invest more in facial procedures, I would say men are more focused on procedures to their body for example liposuction fat removal techniques and male breast reduction although I think Facial Aesthetics is becoming more popular in male patients. This is probably because that stigma of having anti wrinkle treatments for example has become less and less over recent years
To look natural

Whilst a proportion of patients prefer their Cosmetic Treatments to be obvious I would say most are looking for a more natural look, this is shown particularly in the recent increase of ladies who are looking for more natural breast augmentation. These days everyone wants a natural look, so people can’t tell they’ve have a treatment, this is more so the case in male patients.

No Pain

The degree of pain involved in a treatment is always a key question in consultation, women I would say are more understanding of the pain for beauty scenario, whereas men are less so in my experience. Like with any operation there is always a degree of discomfort involved but our medical team are well versed in keeping this to a minimum with setting the expectation and providing pain relief to keep this under control. Most patients expect the worst and unaware of their own pain threshold so are usually surprised how well they cope post operatively or post treatment.
To look younger

Whilst women in my experience seem to want to just slow or halt the ageing process, men want to look younger and more attractive – Non surgical treatments and fat removal are key in providing this.

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So often we read articles about the latest celebrity to have Cosmetic Surgery, but is this really news?

So often we read articles about the latest celebrity to have Cosmetic Surgery, but is this really news?

Patients undergo Cosmetic Surgery for many reasons, we mostly assume its for vanity and sometimes it is about enhancing a feature, but there are other reasons a patient chooses to have a procedure

Changing a feature they have never liked: This is often the case with Breast Enlargement, Breast Reduction and Rhinoplasty. If a patient has grown into the adult world flat chested or even with larger breasts or a hump in their nose, it can often cause self image issues, in some cases the patient may have been the victim of taunts or bullying. The option to change this feature can help regain that confidence.

Changes in the body as the result of weight loss or pregnancy: Often patients who have had a baby, breastfed or have stretched skin as a result of the pregnancy will want to have a procedure to regain their pre baby body shape. Pregnancy and breastfeeding can leave a lady with a lack of volume in the breasts, with sagging and in the case of Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) the patient no matter how much exercise they do can have a loose area of sagging skin sometimes referred to as a pouch.

Medical Reasons: A patient with larger breasts can often suffer with back pain caused by the weight of the breasts, a lady will change their posture to compensate for this weight which in extreme cases can cause spinal problems. This example also applies to blepharoplasty procedures, in some cases the sagging eyelid can prohibit clear vision which can make driving a car for example dangerous.

It is important to remember that every patient has their own reasons to have surgery, to not cast judgement but to remember that if something makes a person happier or gives them confidence then taking the step to have surgery is very brave.

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Breast Implants – Your questions answered!


Often when patients attend their consultation for Breast Augmentation (often referred to as Boob Job) Surgery they have an idea of what size implant they’d like, sometimes they have seen a celebrity whose implant size has been reported or a friend has had surgery and they think that size would be perfect for them, however it is important to recognise the many factors that contribute to the overall result of breast surgery.

A certain implant size in one patient may look very different in another, why is this?

By understanding a patients anatomical structure, by measuring the base width, the thickness of the breast tissue, and the degree of sagging (ptosis), it will become clear which implants will be suitable for your body shape and whether this will result in the look you are hoping to achieve.

At your consultation you will be given the opportunity to try gel sizers that will give an idea of the result you are likely to achieve, however prior to your consultation the rice test can help give an approximate indication of the size, this involves filling a stocking as below

Amount of Dry Rice
(cups) to Implant Volume Simulated in cubic centimeters
0.53 cup 125 cc
0.63 cup 150 cc
0.74 cup 175 cc
0.85 cup 200 cc
0.95 cup 225 cc
1.06 cups 250 cc
1.16 cups 275 cc
1.27 cups 300 cc
1.37 cups 325 cc
1.48 cups 350 cc
1.59 cups 375 cc
1.8 cups 425 cc
2.01 cups 475 cc
2.22 cups 525 cc
2.43 cups 575 cc
2.64 cups 625 cc
2.96 cups 700 cc

There are also variations in the profile of implants available, a low profile, moderate or high profile. Again these options will determine the result, a low profile will give a flatter result, a moderate a more natural look and high profile will give a fuller and rounder looking breast. A high profile does not mean it sits higher on the chest it means the implant will project forward the most.

Like with all Cosmetic Surgery it is best to attend your consultation with an open mind and a realistic approach but there is no harm in doing your research before you attend, this will give your surgeon the best idea of whether the result is one that’s achievable and in line with your expectations.

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Smaller implants rapidly becoming more fashionable than larger breast enlargements

 Smaller implants rapidly becoming more fashionable than larger breast enlargements

Recent trends in Boob Jobs are seeing more and more patients wanting smaller more discreet increases in their breast size rather than the glamour model look that was so popular several years ago. Patients seem to no longer want obvious breast implants but would rather choose a size that enhances their body shape and size making it more difficult to recognise when surgery has been carried out.

As a surgeon this trend is one that I certainly agree with, my job is to create an aesthetically pleasing result, one that gives the patient a positive body image and increases self-confidence. This increase of only 1-2 cup sizes means that it can make it much easier to either dress up or down and most patients wanting this look will choose a teardrop (anatomical) implant for a more natural look.

What is a Breast Enlargement / Breast Augmentation / Boob Job

Breast Augmentation is designed to help women who are conscious of the size of their breasts either because development has resulted in naturally small breasts, deformity (tuberous breasts) or they have developed to normal size but shrunk excessively following pregnancy, childbirth, breast feeding or excessive weight loss. Surgery is carried out to enhance the size of the breasts by placing an implant either behind or in front of the muscle and in proportion with the rest of the body.

Breast Augmentation is usually carried out under general anaesthetic with a one night stay in hospital although in some circumstances can be carried out as daycase surgery.  There are several variations in technique which will be discussed at consultation, incision in the fold under the breast or around the nipple for example. The implant can then be placed under the breast tissue or in a deeper pocket beneath the pectoral muscle on which the breast lies, the method used depends on the look you want to achieve and your suitability for this method. The size of the implant suitable for you will be discussed at your consultation, an increase of two to three cup sizes is usually the maximum recommendation.

How to make an appointment for a consultation?

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The part that Social Media has played in the increase in the Cosmetic Surgery industry.

The part that Social Media has played in the increase in the Cosmetic Surgery industry.

The rise in Social Media over recent years has certainly played a huge factor in the rise in the cosmetic surgery industry. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram not only allow us access to celebrities, some of whom have undergone procedures themselves but non celebrities whose network like and share users images too. The ‘selfie’ unfortunately encourages people to be more critical of their own self image, a selfie taken at a certain angle or in bad lighting can make a user judge themselves inaccurately sometimes to the point where they seek further advice to change that feature. Prospective patients will often bring along an image of a nose they have seen on the internet or a breast shape that they’d like to achieve. I believe we should be thankful to the launch of the internet for that engine for finding useful information, allowing us to network and the opportunity to market our businesses, social media plays a huge part of this and like with any model comes with its own pros and cons that should be viewed in a balanced way.

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New guidelines on cosmetic surgery advertising

New guidelines on cosmetic surgery have been put forward by the Royal College of Surgeons. Advertising standards have often been scrutinised over the years with inducements for cosmetic surgery appearing more and more in the press and media.

Cosmetic surgery should not be taken lightly

The Royal College of Surgeons plan to introduce new rules around the marketing of Cosmetic Surgery can almost certainly only be a positive move, a move that protects our patients from misleading or irresponsible imagery and advertising. A cosmetic surgery procedure is a decision not to be taken lightly, it should certainly not be the result of prize draw or a half price sale. Surgery is a life changing decision that should be well thought out, talked through with those close to you and most importantly decided upon after selecting a surgeon who you feel comfortable with and trust.
Chose a cosmetic surgeon carefully
I like many other surgeons often see patients in my clinics who have undergone breast enlargements (boob job), facelifts, rhinoplasties (nose job) etc that the patient has had done at a low cost, abroad or because they have had a voucher given to them by a friend.Whilst many patients have the result they expected, many do not and what a price to pay, my only advice has to be when considering surgery choose surgeon, implant, hospital, aftercare and then depending on the surgeons reputation you will naturally come to availability and cost.
If you are considering breast augmentation (boob job), facelift, rhinoplasty (nose job) or any other type of cosmetic procedure, come and talk to us at one of our clinics. We hold cosmetic surgery clinics in Warwick, Coventry and Nuneaton. Alternatively contact us on 07468 418419 or visit us at

Plastic surgery trends for 2016

Cosmetic surgery trends for 2016

As we reach the end of the year, it is interesting to read about the projected cosmetic surgery trends for 2016 . Although these trends are taken from a survey predominantly of US doctors, it is often the case that we do follow on at a later stage. In our cosmetic surgery practice, we have seen more focus for patients around previously lesser procedures such as Neck Lift, Facelift and Abdominoplasty. The trend for bigger breasts via a breast augmentation (boob job) seems to be slowing down to some degree. My own practice tends to be more women looking to have breast augmentation following breast feeding. More getting back what they had rather than a straightforward increase in natural size.

PIP implant effect

Of course the effect of the PIP implant scandal will have an effect on some patients. I can say I have never used these implants and never would chose a “cheap” implant. The implants I use are based on many years experience with them and are amongst the dearest on the market. Breast augmentation is still a very common procedure that does give many , many satisfied patients every year. If you are considering this procedure, please book a consultation and we can discuss every element of it.

Facial cosmetic surgery

Facial surgery is on the rise in my view simply because techniques have improved with regard to time spent in the operating theatre and recovery times. Although any procedure is to be taken with due importance, as techniques have developed, some procedures are considerably easier to perform that they were say 15 years ago. Of course, the face is pretty much always on show in public so the desire for facial or neck surgery has always been high.

If you are considering facial surgery such as a facelift, neck lift or eye lift (blepheroplasty) , please contact me for a consultation.

My practice for cosmetic surgery in Warwick, Nuneaton and Coventry is a very well established and respected one. I have been operating in my local hospitals close to my NHS practice for many years and I am proud of the good reputation I have built. I look forward to hearing form some of you soon!