Plastic surgery trends for 2016

Cosmetic surgery trends for 2016

As we reach the end of the year, it is interesting to read about the projected cosmetic surgery trends for 2016 . Although these trends are taken from a survey predominantly of US doctors, it is often the case that we do follow on at a later stage. In our cosmetic surgery practice, we have seen more focus for patients around previously lesser procedures such as Neck Lift, Facelift and Abdominoplasty. The trend for bigger breasts via a breast augmentation (boob job) seems to be slowing down to some degree. My own practice tends to be more women looking to have breast augmentation following breast feeding. More getting back what they had rather than a straightforward increase in natural size.

PIP implant effect

Of course the effect of the PIP implant scandal will have an effect on some patients. I can say I have never used these implants and never would chose a “cheap” implant. The implants I use are based on many years experience with them and are amongst the dearest on the market. Breast augmentation is still a very common procedure that does give many , many satisfied patients every year. If you are considering this procedure, please book a consultation and we can discuss every element of it.

Facial cosmetic surgery

Facial surgery is on the rise in my view simply because techniques have improved with regard to time spent in the operating theatre and recovery times. Although any procedure is to be taken with due importance, as techniques have developed, some procedures are considerably easier to perform that they were say 15 years ago. Of course, the face is pretty much always on show in public so the desire for facial or neck surgery has always been high.

If you are considering facial surgery such as a facelift, neck lift or eye lift (blepheroplasty) , please contact me for a consultation.

My practice for cosmetic surgery in Warwick, Nuneaton and Coventry is a very well established and respected one. I have been operating in my local hospitals close to my NHS practice for many years and I am proud of the good reputation I have built. I look forward to hearing form some of you soon!